Lap Sharp


Lap-Sharp Product Reviews

In Wood Magazine, October 2008 (issue #186) David Cambell wrote an article “Get Sharp, Stay Sharp!”, in which he stated the following:
“Lap-Sharp provides the finest grits (down to 1-micron “polishing paper”) and the longest-lasting abrasives.” “We found ourselves going back to it whenever sharpening our better tools.”

August 2008 – Bill Hylton, author and frequent contributor to Woodworker’s Journal wrote:
“Although you can use the Lap Sharp dry, the basic kit includes a spray bottle for wetting the abrasive. The water cools the tool and carries away the swarf, which extends the abrasive life.

To a purist, many of these features are critical. If “good enough” is a concept repellent to you, this is your power sharpener. You can lap tool backs flat, not just flat enough. You get the benefit of wet sharpening without the waterpark mess.”